Mount Eppelsberg

The Eppelsberg near Nickenich is typical of the cinder cone volcanoes in the East Eifel and was active about 230,000 years ago. In modern times, quarrying exposed a unique window onto the inside of the volcano and the typical layered construction of a cinder cone.

This can be seen in the wall of the quarry, which is more than 60 metres high. Please note that the original viewing platform opposite the face of the quarry is currently inaccessible due to on-going quarrying. Nor are there any information panels to explain the history of the volcano. The best - and currently only - way to learn about the origins of the Eppelsberg is to follow the 'Traumpfad Pellenzer Seepfad', a beautiful trail which takes you all the way round the Laacher See (Lake Laach).

You need to allow yourself nearly six hours to complete this trail. If you follow the trail clockwise, it already passes the Eppelsberg quarry after about one kilometre. Location/Directions: The shortest way to the Eppelsberg starts at the Römisches Grabmal (Roman Tomb) in Nickenich (postcode 56645). There is a car park at the tumulus on the Laacher Straße. This is also the start of the 'Traumpfad Pellenzer Seepfad'.


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