Anyone who wants to learn more about tuff can easily find out about this rock and its uses in the 'Weiberner Schaufenster' ('Weibern Shop Window').

The path up to the right takes you to the open-air exhibition at the Steinsägehaus (Masonry Saw House), where a masonry saw and a crane, among other things, vividly illustrate the processes used in working with tuff.

The Infozentrum Brohltal/Laacher See (Visitor Centre Brohl Valley/Lake Laach) offers regular guided tours to the impressive Weibern tuff quarries. It also organises - as does the local Steinhauerverein (stone sculpturing association) - sculpture courses, in which individual works of art are created out of volcanic rock.

The Tuff Museum in the 'Steinmetzbahnhof' ('Stonemason’s Station') displays a comprehensive collection of rocks from the Eifel and offers insights into the work of stonemasons. The Museum is open by appointment.


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