The Wingertsbergwand near Mendig is a world-famous geological window onto the past and has long been used by volcanologists for research and teaching.

The impressive tephra deposits, up to 40 metres high in places, are a result of the largest volcanic eruption in recent geological history in Central Europe. We are talking about the Laacher See (Lake Laach) Volcano, which, around 13,000 years ago, forever changed large areas of the volcanic East Eifel.

The eruption of the Laacher See Volcano, which was an incredibly destructive grey volcano, is explained on 20 information panels at the Wingertsbergwand. These are based on data from the latest scientific research.

But the Wingertsbergwand is not only of interest to volcanologists and enthusiastic amateurs. It also has something to offer to nature lovers: Some time ago, an eagle owl made themselves at home here.

Be sure to combine your visit to the Wingertsbergwand, for which you need to plan about 45 minutes, with a visit to the Lava-Dome in Mendig.


How to get there:

Follow the brown road signs saying 'Wingertsbergwand' from Laachgraben, one of the streets in Mendig (postcode: 56743).


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